Sustainability at KLAR

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Sustainability at KLAR

Our commitment

Sustainability is at the core of KLAR’s ‘Community’ value. As a responsible investor and owner we seek to drive positive impact both on the ecosystem in which we operate as well as on society at large.

KLAR’s four key questions framework requires investment in targets with positive tailwinds which implies that these targets have a sustainable license to grow. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs") are closely aligned with positive tailwinds. Consequently, we assess a company’s contribution to the SDGs when screening for potential investment opportunities.

External frameworks such as the UN SDGs and UN Principles for Responsible Investing (of which we are a signatory), as well as external standardised reporting such as the ESG Data Convergence Initiative are utilised across various stages of our investment process and are critical to ensure our portfolio companies become successful and sustainable businesses.

As an owner, it is our ambition to increase the contribution of each of our portfolio companies towards the SDGs with which they are aligned. Therefore, for each of our investments, we:

  • Identify the key SDGs supported by the market in which the company is active
  • Develop a value creation strategy with high impact initiatives which will accelerate growth behind the SDG tailwinds
  • Monitor progress and measure the tangible effects through the industry agreed KPIs of the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (Environmental: carbon emissions and intensity; Social: diversity, lost time incident frequency, absenteeism; Governance: policy implementation)

Embedding ESG within KLAR's Four Key Questions

Tailwinds? Strong core Path to 5x? Strategic Asset to Buyers? Sector
  • Tailwinds

    How are the company-specific tailwinds aligned to the SDGs?

  • Strong core

    Where does the company stand today in terms of being aware of, and seeking to maximise, ESG related opportunities?

  • Strategic Asset to Buyers?

    Once Implemented, will the company’s robust ESG profile have maximised value creation and made it a strategic must-have asset for buyers?

  • Path to 5x?

    Which high impact initiatives will accelerate growth behind the SDG tailwinds?

    How do we achieve best-in-class ESG processes?

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